Clean living may be tied to Asthma!
New research proposes surprising explanation for growing health problem

At a children’s asthma clinic in Denver, patients pour in from all over the West — some as young as 2 years old — with severe cases of the lung condition. New research suggests a surprising explanation for why asthma has become a nationwide epidemic involving 5 million children.

ASTHMA is the leading cause of school absenteeism. An estimated 29 million Americans are expected to have the disease by 2020. It already accounts for almost $13 billion a year in health care costs. Asthma and allergy experts from around the world convened at a major conference in New York on Friday to discuss one of the critical public health issues of our time — the increasing rate of asthma across the country. The numbers are up 154 percent over the past 20 years. Dr. Andy Liu, who runs the children’s asthma clinic at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, thinks he knows the reason for the increase. Advertisement “Our clean living ways perhaps might be leading to this global rise in asthma and allergies,” Liu said. Most people assume asthma results from air pollution or other dirt in the environment. But it may be caused by just the opposite. The latest research shows the cleaner the environment, the more cases of asthma. It has to do with our immune systems! New studies show if children escape multiple infections as infants, their immune systems then overreact to dust or other things that cause allergies — with asthma as the result.

Children in poor countries are often sick, but they seldom get asthma. In communist East Germany, asthma rates were low, but since the wall came down and the country has gotten cleaner and healthier, asthma rates have shot up. What does this mean for Americans? For one thing, day care might have a positive effect. “Children in day care settings who have illnesses early on seem to be more resistant to asthma as they get older,” said Dr. Bill Davis of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Another study shows kids with dogs in the house get less asthma; and other research shows kids who grow up on farms are less prone to the condition. For now experts say the most important factor is to treat kids as soon as symptoms appear.


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