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Report: Government knew of autism link
By Jon Brodkin
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Autism Biomedical Experience
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BioMedical Treatment Options For Autism

Transfer Factor Immunotherapy for Autism

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Transfer Factor Immunotherapy for Autism

Recently a new alternative medical treatment has come into the spotlight and offers many potential benefits for the Autistic child according to its proponents. This treatment, Autism Transfer Factor, is based in the science of biochemistry and in limited research studies has shown great promise. There are many Transfer Factors found naturally in the body, and while some are general in nature, others appear to transfer immunity to a specific disease or condition. This treatment is grounded in the hypothesis that Autism and many other conditions are primarily immune system dysfunctions and may be treatable or even reversible.

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By definition, "Transfer Factors are protein immunomodulators that transfer the ability to express cell-mediated immunity from an immune-sufficient donor to an immune-deficient recipient or from an immunized donor to nonimmune recipient." In short, in the case of Autism, they transfer an immunity to Autism to the person receiving the treatment.

There are currently two sources of Transfer Factor available today. The most common one utilizes colostrum from cows. Colostrum, the substance that precedes milk in mammals, serves a natural role in protecting the newborn from illness by transferring the mother's immunity to the child. In the case of Transfer Factor, the immunity that the cow developed is transferred to the human infant, and thus protects it from an illness.

The second source is from human blood cells, either leukocytes or lymphocytes, and appears to work best if those cells are from close family members. They work in exactly the same way as the colostrum based treatment, except that they transfer a much more genetically natural immunity due to the common characteristics between the donor and recipient. They are also more pure and free from contaminants. This treatment is much more limited in use, due to the availability of donors and therefore more expensive to receive than the colostrum based treatment. It also involves a higher degree of risk, due to the blood born disease issue.

In a landmark study, Dr. H. Hugh Fudenberg, M.D. found that of 22 Autistic children, 21 improved significantly and 10 were considered to be recovered and mainstreamed in their schools following Transfer Factor treatment. After the treatment was discontinued, some showed regression, but none returned to their prior baseline levels. Dr. Fudenberg used the lymphocyte based Transfer Factor in his treatment, and while these results have been replicated using that treatment protocol, they have not been replicated using the colostrum based treatment. While much promise is offered by these treatments, there are sites on the internet which offer "Transfer Factor" treatments that actually are nothing but scams, in Dr. Fudenberg's expert opinion. As always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program for you or your child.

BioMedical Treatment Options For Autism

Transfer Factor therapy is based on the fact that an immune system dysfunction has occurred. Most likely this dysfunction occurred from a nutritional deficiency via a virus/vaccine leading to autoimmunity, and thus autism.

There are different types of Transfer Factor. In 1985 Dr. Fudenburg used Transfer Factor on twenty-two children with “classic” autism. He found that twenty of the children had Myelin Basic Protein Antibodies (MBPA). These children were treated for three-three and a half years, receiving Transfer Factor three days every six weeks. After the treatment twenty-one out of twenty two had improved. Ten were considered normal, in that they no longer exhibited autistic symptoms and were mainstreamed in their schools. Unfortunately, this type of disease specific Transfer Factor is not available for use today and is still being researched.

According to 4 Life Research, a company that produces 4 Life Transfer Factor, “Transfer Factors have been made from colostrums produced by cattle and are naturally occurring immune system messengers that teach the body’s immune system to identify infectious agents.” According to Kenneth Bock, MD, numerous anecdotal reports have been accumulated on the use of Transfer Factor in children with ASD and improvement in their clinical behaviors.

Transfer Factor Study with Autistic Children

9 children
ages: 2.9-9.9
average age: 5.07

These children were given three capsules of Transfer Factor, three times daily, for three months. Each patient was assessed prior to the treatment, six weeks into the study, and at the completion of the three-month study. Dr. Bock used the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale for evaluation purposes. This method applies different scores based on: stereotyped "autistic" behaviors, communication, social interaction and developmental markers. These scores are then added together to determine an autism quotient. The higher the autism quotient is, the higher the degree of autism in the patient.

At the end of the three-month study, seven out of the nine autistic children had at least some improvement. Specifically, these improvements included:

More attentive ·
Eye contact improved ·
Eczema improved ·
Decreased incidence of illness ·
Improved language skills ·
Resolution of diarrhea ·
Improved toileting skills

Although this study was small, Dr. Bock believes its results are very promising. He has included Transfer Factor as part of his treatment protocol and is excited about its possibilities for boosting the immune system in patients with autism as well as many other conditions he encounters on a daily basis.

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