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My Cat is Going Bald

My Female Cat (Black) is 10 years old and has never had a health problem to speak of. She suddenly had bald spots appear on her back around the end of November.

After listening to our vet calls over the last year it was not hard to figure out she had developed a flea allergy.

Knowing of past clinical experiences with transfer factor I started opening 1 capsule daily of the TF + and adding it to her canned food.

Topically I used the TF Renewall Gel. I was very excited when I notice that immediately the temperature of her skin cooled and she relaxed.

She will come to me NOW! when I pick up the tube so I can apply it now.

Between the two products she was quickly out of distress. The gel helped her cope till the TF+ was able to get into her system and work on regulating the over reaction of the immune system to the flea bites.

So here we are about 5 weeks into this and her hair is growing back and we are gaining ground.

We are not out of the woods yet after all modulating an out of control immune system is much like trying to stop a charging bull.

But, adding a cap of the human TF+ to her food daily and applying the gel a few times a day has proven to be effective and tramatic free for the both of us!

Thank Goodness!

SUPPRESSOR FRACTIONS: In each and every physiological system there are checks and balances, and the process of achieving balance is called homeostasis. Once a threat has been confronted and a sufficient response has occurred, there is the need to down-regulate so that the immune system response can return to a restingstate and conserve its resources for the next inevitable challenge. The SUPPRESSOR transfer factors are responsible for this effort by signaling the T Helper Lymphocytes and the Cytotoxic T Cells to reduce their activity and to return to a more quiescent state. This is critical, as there is a multitude examples where microbes have hidden in specific tissues and the immune response mistakenly becomes directed toward those tissues, leading to autoimmune diseases. The Suppressor fractions appear to be nature's way of limiting overzealous immune response and to provide the body with a tool for protecting "self" from an inappropriate immune response.

From the article : Immune System Enhancement: The Need and Role for Transfer Factors By Richard H. Bennett, M.S. Ph.D. Comparative Pathologist

Link to complete article

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